Saturday, 20 January 2007

Cool Rig

I just love the name of this rig. Have yet to see the grannies themselves, but have seen some grandchildren and their mum.

Saw another rig on the road named "Dunfarmin". There are some very clever ones around.

I still think ours should be named "fekawi" so that when we run into people we can say "we're the fekawi" (think about it...), but Mike is yet to be convinced.
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Audge said...

Hi...That's EXACTLY what you should name it! Of course..i'm sure it works much better in Australia. It took me a while to get it..cause ..I had to think in an Australian accent. The spelling doesn't exactly work the way I would say it with good ole' NYC gusto.

Poor Maggie! The abuse! I'd tag along with you guys to see the beautiful oceans and sea critters. Hell, I'd tag along even if you WERE creepy and didn't buy me a cappucino.

Love you both!

Mike & Sheryl said...

Audge, if you came along we'd be VERY creepy and buy you two. :)

Love you too

Audge said...

Two! Think about you REALLY want me around on a nice peaceful vacation...with TWO caffeinated beverages in me??!!

You just know I'd be a bit of an irritant. I'd probably wind up in the kennel with poor Maggie!

BTW..don't think that I didn't notice that you seem to enjoy beaches. I'm going to use that to my advantage next time you are here.

Be safe!

Jan & Ron said...

Hi you two,
Yes you do get some great names on campers, you could go the whole hog and call yours "werethafeckawi"
but it does sound a little like "werethaheckawi" another good one!
You are certainly experiencing it all! keep on having fun,
Love Jan & Ron