Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Goodbye Esperance

We spent this afternoon at the beach. We were the only ones on it for most of the time, and it was great having our own private beach. Once it started getting too windy for comfort and the water was getting rough we decided to call it a day. Now that we are back at camp it was blowing quite a bit and looking like rain. As I write this though the sky seems to have cleared, so we may stay dry after all.

Today was our last day camping in the town of Esperance. Tomorrow we are kenneling Maggie and moving on to the national park. We've heard it's beautiful and there are a few especially nice spots. Apparently it's first come first serve with regard to the campsites, so hopefully we'll get one. We think that our chances are fairly good as most people are back to work this week. Otherwise, there are plenty of other spots that we plan to see, so we'll just head on over to one of those first.

Since we're going to be in the park we probably won't have phone/internet access. We did at one remote spot along the Nullarbor, so who knows? If we don't we'll let you know what we've gotten up to once we have access again.


Audge said...

Sheryl..you look so cute in that little tent thing on the beach. The water sounds beautiful.

Hope you had fun today!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you're having a wonderful time. Not sure which National Parks you're going to, but please consider Stirling Range. I went there, and then down to Albany.

Loved the comet photos - hope you enter them in the Group sunrise/sunset competition. You'd win!

Will check in from time to time.

Robert. Ballarat

Audge said...

Get connected soon! I miss you!

cardinal said...

Hi Mike & Sherl

Photos look great wish we were with you hope to hear from you when you can.

nigel & lynette

caz said...

hi uncle the water in these pictures looks fantastic, and realy clear to x