Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Great News!!

It turns out that the medical problem we thought we were facing was just a false alarm!!

We visited the doctor earlier today for biopsy results which came back negative. What a relief! Very unexpected, as the specialist thought it was a skin cancer which would require surgery in hospital (because of the spot being near an eye). He even gave us a likely surgery date next week.

The biopsy revealed that it was a "haemangioma" which, according to the fact sheet that the Dr. gave us is "a benign, harmless mass of blood vessels. The capillaries of the skin have dilated to form a raised lesion". So, basically, what looked like a tiny blemish, and then turned into an ugly cancer has now returned to harmless-little-red-spot status. Yay!

After the doctor's appointment we stopped in at Ray's and picked up a couple of new director type camp chairs (the kind with the little table that comes out on the side), and we were going to refill one of our gas bottles, but once we had a look it was more full than we had thought so we'll leave it as is for now and refill on the road if we need to.

We thought we were going to be here for at least another week to ten days, and now we find ourselves scrambling to get the last few details organised so that we can hit the road ASAP and make up for the lost few days.

Won't be long now! :)


Audge said...

Fill the gas tank! You don't want to get stuck on some deserted road somewhere!

Oy! Something for me to worry about!

Seriously though, I hope this trip turns out to be even better than you dreamed it would be. Have fun!

Mike...get some rest!

Jan & Ron said...

Thank god for that! have a wonderful time, we will keep in touch and follow your escapades.
Love, Jan & Ron

Anonymous said...

Hey Sheryl and Mike

Hope you have both started to relax. It is going to be 39 degrees tomorrow - oh my gord -
Mel, Pete and Sam send their love to you.
Heaps of love & hugs
Chelle, Bazz.

P.S. Bobby and Max send their love to Maggie xxxx