Saturday, 20 January 2007

It's a Small World After All

Had a series of "it's a small world" moments in quick succession. First, we were having lunch at the beach and a woman came over and started talking to us about our hometown. We still are not sure how she pinpointed where we were from as the only clue would have been Victorian license plates, but when she saw us she mentioned the local footy team and said she was from the same town, although currently living in Noosa.

Last night I was talking to a woman who, it turns out, lives about 15 minutes away from us, and owned a local business in our community. She and her husband are Mike's age, have sold their business and are doing some travelling. Very similar situation to us. We will have to catch up with them one evening as I'm sure Mike would enjoy meeting them. They also stopped at a lot of the same stops that we did on the way here, and she gave me some tips on a few nice spots to have a look at, particularly some areas south of Margaret River.

We talked for a while, and while we were there someone else came by on the way to the showers. She told us that she was desperate as she had been camping "under the stars" for four days without one. The final straw was yesterday afternoon when they were having lunch and she noticed a tiger snake underneath her boyfriend's chair! Eeek! They decided it was time to rejoin civilization for a while.

When I got back to the camper I found Mike chatting to a new arrival. As the conversation went on we discovered that they live only a few streets away from us. They had been to Perth and are now travelling in the other direction.

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Audge said...

Wow! That's shocking! You'd think that after 4 days of "living under the stars"..with portable bathrooms (one would hope) and no showers...NO form of wildlife would get ANYWHERE near you. Who would have thought a snake would venture so close to her boyfriend's butt?