Friday, 12 January 2007

Movin On Up

We've moved on a bit since I last posted. Yesterday we left Penshurst and headed to Naracoorte. We stopped at a place called Wannon Falls for lunch which also has free camping and met a couple who were camped there in their rig "On The Road Again". They had been living on the road for 5 years. We got to talking (as you do..), and they were such nice people. At one point they brought out a thick address book with the names and contact details of the various people they had met and befriended during their travels.

They noticed the folding boat on our 4WD roof and mentioned that they had spent a fair amount of time in Western Australia. They told us about one of their favourite camping spots there on Blackwood River. We will probably check it out when we get into that region.

When we got to Naracoorte we stopped for coffee at a café. When we got back to the car we were felt refreshed and were felt and like we could easily drive for another hour or two so we had planned to push on. Out came the Camps 3 book and we picked out a spot.
That all changed when Mike spotted a sign for the Black Cockatoo Bush Camp as we were leaving the town. Mike remembered that there was a camper trailers meet there, so we decided to go. We knew nothing about the amenities, cost, or if they were dog friendly, but based on past meets we figured that if the camper trailer group went there it would probably be our kind of place. And, we were right. The owner of the Bush camp was very friendly, (and so were her kids). Maggie was more than welcome, and the cost was very reasonable. It's a lovely spot, and as we were the only campers there Maggie enjoyed the opportunity to have a run and explore off lead.

Today was mostly spent travelling. We did have a great lunch at a pub in Tailem Bend. We discovered the pub last time we were in South Australia and made sure we went back there. From the outside the pub looks pretty basic, but they have a balcony in the back that looks right over the Murray River and the ferry crossing there. It's a great place to stop and enjoy the view on the shaded balcony.

We are spending the night at Port Germein and plan to make our way to Ceduna tomorrow.

We've taken quite a few photos, but so far the one above is my favourite. There's something about Mike strolling along with Maggie amongst the beautiful scenery that brings a feeling of serenity to me every time I see it. The photo was taken in Wannon falls as we were walking back to the car from the falls viewing platform.
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Jan & Ron said...

We know that long winding road only too well! Yes it's wonderful to see another person waving to you!
Everything sounds wonderful Mike and Sheryl, ENJOY
Love and thoughts of you both, Jan & Ron