Monday, 15 January 2007

Nullarbor Night One

Can you believe we have mobile phone access from the-middle-of-nowhere Nullarbor? That Next G service is pretty good. .. I take back *some* of what I've said about Telstra over the years. :)

Had a really good run today, and decided to camp at the South Australian/Western Australian border. Found a beautiful spot along the Australian Bight. Hard to believe that it's free to camp here with the million dollar views. It was 37 degrees celcius today (98.6 degrees Farenheit), but camped here this evening we are being serenaded by the most beautiful ocean breeze. We expect to sleep very well tonight. The last photo is near where we are camping.

We've been joined by a family heading from Perth to Melbourne, so I'm going to make this short so we can go chit chat with them.

Will fill you in on the latest at our next stop (as long as telstra cooperates), otherwise, as soon as we can get connected.

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