Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Off We Go

We have finally started our journey. We left several hours after we had planned (what else is new?), but at least we are on the way. Our friends (and neighbours) had asked that we toot the horn as we pass their house on the way out. We did, and they ran out with party poppers sending streamers over the car. It was great. Wish I had the camera at the ready.

Drove a few hours to a town called Penshurst and we are spending the night in the council caravan park. Cost is $7 unpowered and we had to pick up a key for the amenities block at the town post office.

There are a few other campers around. Not so many that it feels crowded, but just enough that there's others to chat to and it's not isolated. Maggie is excited to be here, and has taken up his usual position lying across the camper steps.

According to mike the amenities are "reasonable" (I haven't been yet), and we are in a nice shady spot. Thank goodness for that, as it was in the high 30's today. It's nearly 8:30pm now and the sun is finally sinking. There's a nice breeze and we hear (and hope) for a cool change tomorrow.

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Audge said...

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

I'm so excited for you. What great neighbors to give you such a send off. I hope to meet them some day!