Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Starry Starry Night

The other night we went for a walk and came across some campers talking about a comet. We all looked into the sky until we were able to spot it. As the sky got darker the contrast made it a lot easier to see. This photo is one that we took that night.

The next night we decided to drive to the Pink Lake to see if we could get a better view. This photo is of the horizon over the Pink Lake. That's the moon to the right, and for a while we were able to see Venus between the moon and the comet.

Somehow photos never seem to do justice to a spectacular view, but hopefully these will give you some idea. It was a beautiful sky and it was well over an hour before we could tear ourselves away.


Audge said...

Those shots are absolutely magnificent! I wish I could have been there to see it. Great shots!

Speaking of space..an astronaut came to my school today. He was actually on the space shuttle twice. One he did a space walk to fix the hubble telescope. He's going again in 2008! Very cool.

Mike & Sheryl said...

Could you see the comet in NY?

We didn't know about it until someone here told us.

What a spectacle!


Audge said...

I didn't know about it till I saw it on the news. But..I don't believe it was visibile here. I think it was only visible further South.

I can only imagine how beatiful is was in person. If the pictures are that breathtaking...the real view must have been indescribable.

Have fun!

Jan & Ron said...

WOW! you have missed your vocation Mike, should have been a photographer! STILL time mate!
They are just so excellent those comet photo's, as are all your pic's, We had a great view out of the back door, it a spectacular sight isn't it?
Sheryl you are a great story teller, the Leyland brothers have nothing on you two! Journalism is right up your street!
Stay safe, well and happy,
love from us both.

Michelle said...

Hey Gorgeous People

Awesome shots, we could not see it as it was too cloudy. So great to hear your voice today.

Loved Maggies post, I will read it to Bobby & Max, they will love it.

Love Chelle