Thursday, 11 January 2007

Stop Bugging Me!!

So much for the reasonable amenities. Actually, they were good, but apparently Penshurst gets invaded by beetles for a few days every year. And, guess which day it happened to be this year? Of course, while we were visiting.

As it started to get dark we noticed that there were lots of bugs near the lamp post. We had our outside flourescent light on for under a minute and were swarmed. As we chatted with some other campers I felt the occasional thwap of a UFO flying into me. Okay, a bit on the ick side, but no harm done I thought.

Shortly afterwards a car pulled in because their windscreen was blanketed in bugs to the point that they couldn't see to drive. To make matters worse, they had tried to clear them off via the windscreen wipers creating an ewwy gooey revolting mess. One of the campers cleaned off their widscreen for them and they were on their way.

It was at this unfortunate point that I decided on a trip to the toilets. Oh My God! I expected there would be some bugs because of the lit doorways, but never in my life have I seen so many bugs in one place. The entry to the toilets was covered in thousands of beetles. It looked like carpet actually, until you realised that it was a heaving moving mass, with beetles several inches thick all climbing on top of eachother. All I can say is, thank goodness for our trusty porta potti.

We were lucky not to have them in the camper. We only had two which probably came in as we went in and out of the camper, and they were quickly dispatched to beetle heaven. Once we were safely zipped up inside the camper we were able to put the lights on, and although we were immediately swarmed, not one managed to get in. Ultimate must put some heavy duty screens in their campers.

Luckily by morning, not only had the cool change rolled in, but the bugs had moved on for the most part. There were still some around, but nothing like the night before and they didn't keep me from enjoying a hot shower in spite of the crunch crunch of beetles underfoot on the way out. As we drove off through the town we were surprised to see how many dead beetles there were everywhere. It really was like something out of an Alfred Hitchcock film. I would have shared a photo of the situation with you, but I just couldn't bring myself to take one. - Yuck!!
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