Saturday, 13 January 2007

Ceduna Bound

We left Port Germein this morning and arrived in Ceduna some 7 hours later. So, basically the pic that you see at the right is what we've been looking at all day. Other than a stop for a really sad cup of coffee, a lunch break and a couple of fuel stops, we've been in the car.

I've gotta say, it's not an easy thing to keep yourself amused during such a long ride, even with the occasional gorgeous scenery. That might explain the "wave thing" that we noticed on the Eyre Highway. Every time another car passed they waved to us. Even a roadside worker seemed extraordinarily happy to see us. At first we waved back, but thought it was a bit odd. Well, let me tell you, as time went on we began to appreciate how nice it is to come across other people and found ourselves scanning the horizon for their approach.

We made our target of Ceduna though, and we plan on spending a couple of nights here to do laundry, relax and unwind before we head out onto the Nullabor. Since it's the first evening that we don't have to be concerned with travelling in the morning, I'd say that a couple of glasses of red and a sleep-in are exactly what the doctor ordered.
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Joe L. said...

Hi Mike & Sheryl,

Really enjoying your feedback ... feels like I'm there with you (does it feel a bit crowded?). The photo's are great and this blogg thing works really well.

The beetle story was pretty funny and made Dena a little queezy. I hope the Land Cruiser is ready for some serious kilometers once you get on the Nullabor.

We're getting ready for our few days away at Torquay ... that's far enough for my liking!

Keep the news coming ... and have a great time.


Mike & Sheryl said...

Hi Joe,

We're enjoying it too, and love getting comments. Makes us feel like our friends are along for the ride.

By the way, was that you guys snoring the other night? Mike swears it wasn't him!

Sorry about the queeziness
Dena, aren't you glad we didn't post a photo? :)

countryslicker said...

Hi Mike & Sheryl

Your blog is great, and your trip brings back fond memories of my same trip 3 years ago. That road photo - it's straight in my photos. Looks like you took it after a few nice reds :)

May have overlooked it, but are you in contact via laptop only? When I drove over I had my old Mac connected to my mobile - only way to do it then.

*So* glad you're on your way - what an exciting time still lies ahead. Maggie looks like he's in heaven.


Robert (Ballarat Vic)

Mike & Sheryl said...

Hi Robert!

Glad you dropped in for a peek at the blog. Also really glad that we decided to take the trip, and appreciated hearing about yours. Having a great time so far.

We're connecting via laptop and Telstra Next G mobile broadband, so not that much different than what you did.

We reckon the road builder must have had more than a few reds.. :)

Laura said...

Missing you lots and lots!

We wish we were there with you... well, not so much the driving part, but the no work - camping - wine - relaxation and all the other stuff that goes with it. Oh but you can keep the bugs :)

Lyla misses pulling Grandpa's beard and tugging Nanny's necklace - and getting into everything she shouldn't at your place! She won't stop saying "nan nan nan nan" ;)

Give Maggie a cuddle from Nanook.

We'll be back soon,
Love Laura, Phil, Lyla and Nanook.