Thursday, 8 February 2007


We arrived in Albany yesterday afternoon after taking a detour to check out another spot first. The owner of the last park we stayed at recommended a spot that we'd be able to camp riverside and easily launch the boat. He said that although he didn't think they accepted dogs that since it was off season that they may be willing to. When we got to the park there were HUGE signs saying no cats or dogs. Not just one, several placed all along the road leading to the park. We decided to give it a miss and go elsewhere.

We're close to the town center which has worked out well. If you've been following our (mis)adventures you may remember that the electronic air suspension developed a fault while we were crossing the Nullarbor. Mike adjusted the suspension manually, and it's been riding fine, but it would be nice to get it taken care of (and stop the annoying warning beep that comes on when we start the car). It most likely is a sensor failure, or it may just be that the computer needs to be reset. Since it can only be done at a Land Rover dealership and Albany is the first town that has had one, Mike had to have the car in at 9 this morning. Basing ourselves nearby made it much simpler - they gave him a lift back to the park and will pick him up again this afternoon when the car is ready.

Since we are car-less we have had a quiet day. It's just as well too - gave us a chance to catch up on the more mundane aspects of our little adventure. The ever growing pile of laundry is now hanging on the line, and we've taken care of a few other things that needed to be done. Not to mention, it's a nice excuse to just relax and have an easy day.

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