Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Beach Trail

We went for a 3 kilometre walk yesterday afternoon along a sandy walking trail leading to the beach (1.6 kilometres each way).

It was a good day for it weather wise, and we were rewarded at the end by views of Bremer Bay which we enjoyed while sitting on a dune overlooking the beach.

Maggie had a great time too, at least until on the way back when he decided he'd had enough walking. We were on about the two kilometre mark. The walk was losing it's shine for me too as I'd developed a painful blister on the heal of my right foot and the blister bandage I'd put over it wasn't really helping. I ended up bending in the backs of my walking shoes and walking on top of them most of the way back. Awkward, but pain free.

Lucky dog got a "lift" back to camp in Mike's backpack, and looked quite pleased with himself. I wouldn't have minded riding along too ! Note to self: Buy Mike a bigger backpack! :)

Told you Maggie was looking pleased with himself - Mike however looks considerably less impressed.


lornaray said...

Hello Mike and Sheryl,

You lucky people, how we envy you.
We have been zooming down on you via Google Earth but havent spotted your campervan yet. Loved your comet pictures. Will keep tracking you.

Love Lorna and Ray

Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic! I thought Maggie was a little girl! How did he get a girlie name? He does look very pleased with himself.
Cheers, Jan & Ron

Mike & Sheryl said...

Hi Jan and Ron!

His real name is Magnum (after the ice cream) as he's supposed to be a chocolate coloured example of the breed. We got into the habit of calling him Maggie, and it just stuck. Shhhh... don't tell him it's a girl's name, he's got enough issues as it is! :)

Mike & Sheryl said...

Hi there Ray and Lorna!

Great to hear from you! We were wondering what that sattelite marked "google" was doing following us around... didn't you see us waving?