Monday, 12 February 2007


Denmark is a very pretty little town (population 500) set on the Denmark river and surrounded by beaches, national park, rock formations and hilly tree lined roads. Of interest is that there isn't a single traffic light in the whole town. It is known for it's cottage industry - art galleries, fresh produce and food (locally made honeys, preserves, etc) and most of all for it's excellent wine. There are 26 wineries, plenty for even the thirstiest of tourists.

As Denmark is only about 50 kilometres west of Albany, we arrived yesterday and set up along the river with plenty of time to enjoy a day of touring the area. Naturally the first port of call was the wineries. We went to several sampling the wines and buying a few bottles as we went along. We were enjoying ourselves so much that the time flew by and it was only the sound of our rumbling stomachs that alerted us to the hour and the fact that we had forgotten to eat. We stopped at a cafe for a late lunch and then back to the wineries.

The woman at Matilda wines was from New York and I enjoyed chatting with her and "comparing notes" while sampling some delicious wines. We also went to a Honey Meadery where we sampled various types of honey mead and bought a spiced and sweet variety. They also sold various types of honey and other bee products (lip balms, moisturisers) and honey ice cream.

It was a warm day and by the time we got back to the camper I'd had my fill of both wine and sun and decided that a nap was the go. When I awoke two hours later it was getting dark and Mike already had the camper annexe up. I'd say I timed that one pretty well.. :)

Today we went to see the "valley of the giants" in the national park between Denmark and Walpole which is the next town to the west. We went for a treetop walk amongst the tingle trees followed by a walk on the forest floor amongst them called the "ancient walk". At the top point we were 40 metres above ground walking along the canopy of the trees. I thought it was great and really enjoyed it. The metal walkways had a bit of sway to them though and by the end of it Mike was starting to look a bit green around the edges.

We stopped on the way back at "green's pool" which is a very nice sheltered beach and great for swimming and rock fishing. Our last stop for the day was at the toffee factory where they make every flavour of toffee imaginable - Kahlua, Irish cream, liquorice, chocolate and a host of others. Of course we came back with some toffee as well as a packet of chili peanut brittle. They also made various sauces - mayos, salad dressings and dipping sauces. It was probably a good thing that it was a quick visit as we arrived near their closing time!

It's about 6pm now and I'm starting to feel hungry for dinner. We have a lamb roast and veggies cooking in our cob and the aroma is incredible.

Can you spot me in the distance amongst the tree tops?

I'd imagine the face on this old tree would be giving a few kids nightmares


Audge said...

Hi Guys, Wow! I love the pics you took today. I wish I were standing on that bridge.'ll walk on a rickety swaying bridge but I can't get you to walk on a solid brick jetty! That tree is really funny. Sounds like the perfect touring spot, beautiful views, toffee, wine, excellent. I'm SO glad you are really enjoying this. Mike must be loving every second.

Oh, and I read the blog to mom every week when she is here. I don't know why it took me so long to realize I can just type her dicated message to you.

countryslicker said...

Following your travels - more or less my route also. You look like you're having a great time.



countryslicker said...

Following your travels - more or less the route I followed. You like you're having a great time. Cheers. Robert. Ballarat

Audge said...

You when I read about your winery hopping and your expertise on honey mead..I started to this my sister?

But, then I hit the paragraph where you feel asleep for two hours while Mike labored over the annex and I recognized you! : )

LOVE you!

Audrey said...

whoops, I meant solid ROCK jetty in my other post.

(I just bought a brick oven for the pizza bricks are on my mind. Mike you will LOVE the pizza)

Mike & Sheryl said...


Hardy har har... Mike had a good laugh at your comment about the annex too :)

Okay, now I know which jetty you're talking about - the rock one.. the slippery one with the jagged rocks! Actually, we read your other comment and thought brick jetty? huh? what is she talking about?

Is the new oven in yet? has it made a big difference to the pizza?

Audge said...

HI, Jeez, I just looked back at my posts and I look a bit illiterate..misspellings and everything. Oy!

yeah, I meant that rock jetty. That still makes me laugh.

We just bought the oven, we didn't receive it yet. We'll get it in about two or three weeks. We did go to a testing facility to try it out though. the pizza was AWESOME! all of our usual ingredients but the brick oven brings out the flavor so much better. And, it's crispier.

Oh..regarding that restaurant with the old drink in you latest post. LOUSY customer service! In my shop I would have apologized, pulled all the old ones off the shelf, given you a fresh one and offered you something else for good will. It's just good business sense.