Saturday, 24 February 2007

Goodbye Augusta (for now!)

Yesterday was spent with a morning cruising the river followed by visiting a few wineries at Margaret River. Our friends Ian and Sherri had marked off some wineries that they recommended which was a big help considering the 80 plus wineries in the region. We stopped at one called "The Berry Farm" where we had devonshire coffees in their garden cafe. The strawberry jam was made at the farm and delicious. The only fly in the ointment (literally!) was a march fly that drove me batty while I was trying to take in the scenery and enjoy my coffee.

They also had a cellar door with wines made from the fruit grown at the farm. We tried most of them and especially liked the sparkling strawberry, the mango and passion fruit desert wines, and the boysenberry and apple/vanilla ports.

Today was a fairly quiet, although productive day. We've decided to move on to Bussleton tomorrow morning, so Mike and Ian pulled the boat out of the water and gave it a clean. We also took down the annex and did the laundry and various other housekeeping tasks. It was a quiet day, and after all the running around we've been doing I enjoyed having the time to relax.

This evening we met up with Ian and Sherri for drinks before dinner and had a good time chatting with them. They are a lovely couple, and we've really enjoyed the time we've spent with them. We've exchanged details and hope to keep in touch.

So far Augusta is our favourite spot, and we are both a little sad to leave. Mike said he is sad to leave knowing that we may not visit here again, but I am sure that we will. We've had such a good time here and there is so much to do. Between fishing, boating, the caves, national parks, beaches, wineries, galleries - we could easily spend another few weeks here, and we would if our time was unlimited. Plus, we have some friends staying at another park that we camped with in Albany and Lucky Bay. We did spend some time with them here, but it would have been nice to have more time to spend. They are all on a permanent "holiday" though, so I'm not sure how soon they are moving on as it's still quite hot in Perth. The way things have been going though, we'll probably run into them again as we travel on.

Although we are not really on a schedule, there's a lot more places we'd like to see before we have to think about making our way home. It's times like this that we envy those who don't have dates or itineraries to be concerned about. How nice it must be to stay in a place as long as it took your fancy and then go where the grass is greener on a whim. It's now easy for us to see how people spend years exploring Australia. It would take a lifetime to see it all, and it seems that if you drive just a few kilometres up the road there's a whole new area to explore.

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Audge said...

I'm pretty sure you'll go back there. Next time you have vacation time you can just choose that as your destination. It really does sound wonderful.

Can't wait to hear about the past few days' adventures.