Friday, 16 February 2007

Rolling Rolling Rolling...

Yesterday was another day spent on the road. We left Denmark at about 10 in the morning and arrived at our new "home" in Augusta at 5:30. We had originally planned on going to Margaret River, but we heard some good things about the boating and fishing on the blackwood river, and also heard that Augusta was beautiful. As it's only about 40 kilometers from Margaret River we decided to base ourselves in Augusta and visit both areas from here. Also, there are some caves and other things to see between Augusta and Margaret River that we want to visit and had we gone straight to Margaret River we would have ended up driving back this way to do some touring anyway.

This time the drive was enjoyable though as we travelled through beautiful winding roads through national forests. (Denise, the kind of roads you used to always say that you loved driving). We went through the Mount Franklind, Walpole-nornalup, Shannon, Gloucester and Beedelup national parks. It was such a pretty drive, and I took a bunch of shots through the windscreen so that I could share it with you. As always the picture just doesn't do it justice and I ended up trashing a bunch of them due to windscreen glare etc.

The distance between Denmark and Augusta is only approximately 250k. Hmm.. so that gives us an average speed of 34k or about 20 miles per hour. Actually, the day was spent stopping and visiting various sites along the way.

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Audge said...

What a beautiful pic! Just saying Walpole-nornalup, Beedelup, makes me happy!

i can't wait till you guys get here and I hear you talk about it in person.

Mike & Sheryl said...

Hee hee - reading your comment made me laugh out loud!

I only just uploaded my last post and was going to log off. Was a nice surprise to see your comment so soon.

Audge said...

yeah, I posted that one and then saw the new one. See? Now you know I'm really keeping up with you! I check all the time! It's my way of kinda sorta being there with you.

Mike & Sheryl said...

I know you do, and I feel the same way. Makes me feel like I'm talking to someone rather than just sending posts out into space.

We seem to find the same things funny too, as you always seem to comment about the things Mike and I have had a laugh about.

Audge said...

Of course we do. Only now it's online instead of just looking at each other and bursting out laughing.

It's a fun trip and I'm not even that.