Wednesday, 14 February 2007

There's Something Fishy in Denmark

We took the boat out for a bit of fishing on the river this morning. It was a great morning for it, the bream were really biting. We threw back a couple that were too small, kept two nice sized ones (one was about 330mm and the other about 250). Of course there were a couple that we failed to land as well, but the constant nibbles made for a very fun and exciting morning.

Here's one of the bream that we decided to keep.

Mike scaling the fish

and filleting as another man arrives with his catch.

The pelicans notice that there is some fish cleaning going on and start to run onto the beach toward the fish cleaning hut.

The Pelicans jockey for position as Mike is about to toss a fish carcass.

Success! the pelican in the middle is the lucky fellow who catches the whole carcass in his mouth

and scurries off to the water to be alone with his prize.

Shortly after we are at the camper enjoying ours.


Audge said...

OH, that looks like SUCH a great day! I wish I was there with you. What fun! Mike, you look so happy. Benny would have loved that.

Sheryl, I love the way you write. The pictures are great!

Denise said...

The trip looks absolutely amazing! Wish I could be there with you guys. It seems like you're having so much fun. Keep up with the wonderful pics and narrative... it's terrific. Miss you! Love, Felix

Audge said...

You look SO cute in the fish eating picture Shez!

Mike & Sheryl said...

Audge, while we were out fishing Mike had a chuckle at how I looked and said he wanted to tie flies to my hat to make it more authentic!

Hiya Feel! I wish you were here too. We're having a GREAT time!

Audge said...

Flies are fine..and that would have been funny. I'd draw the line at bees though. Maybe when you get'll teach Benny how to catch a fish.

Mike & Sheryl said...

Oooh - you're in deep do do when Benny sees that comment!

audge said...

hmmmm..maybe i won't show him then! ( but..psstt..come teach him)Then I won't have to hear about the one he had that broke the line.