Saturday, 10 February 2007

Touring Albany

Luckily the car repair was very minor, as we had hoped, and we are now mobile again sans annoying warning beep. Shortly after we got the car back we looked up and were surprised to find friends that we'd met along the journey had just pulled into the park we're staying at. Funny, because although totally unplanned this is the third time we've run into them camped at the same spot as us.

Yesterday we went to visit Whale World which is located on the site of the once operational Cheynes Beach Whaling Station. We were able to board the Cheynes IV whalechaser as well as view the "Cutting Up Deck", "Flensing Deck" and learn about how whales were processed. Amongst other exhibits we visited a photo gallery, a whale and dolphin skeleton exhibition, and a panorama tower gallery.

We also saw a film about the history of Australian whaling (which came to an end in November of 1978), a film about sharks, and a 3D animated whale movie called Giants Exist which was excellent.
3D glasses + camera = silly photos

Today we had an early start as I didn't want to miss the farmer's market in town. After the farmer's market we walked up the trail on Mount Clarence to visit the war memorial lookout. Albany was the embarkmet point for Aussie troops in the first world war and the first dawn service was held on Mount clarence in 1930.

Once we viewed the memorial a further 50 metre climb led to a viewing platform with 360 degree panoramic views of Albany, the Southern Ocean, mountain ranges and waterways.

From there we went on to middleton beach and Emu Point. Both lovely sheltered beaches, middleton being designed more for families with a huge playground, kiosk and restaurants. Emu Point also had a small playground as well as a coffee shop and park with walking paths, and shaded picnic tables. It was a lovely place to sit back and relax after our trek up Mount Clarence.

As I write this there is a group gathering for an evening of socialising, so I'm going to end here and go join them. Tomorrow we are off to Denmark and have picked a nice spot to stay along the river. Hopefully we will have a connection and I can tell you more about it once we get there.


Mom said...

Hi Honey, I was just looking at your blog on Audrey's computer and I'm enjoying everything that you are doing. You both look wonderful, rested and happy and enjoying everything you are doing. I'm happy that all is well with you. Take care of yourselves and I"ll speak to you when you get back home. Love you, Mom

Mike & Sheryl said...

Hi Mom!

So glad Audrey showed you the blog, we knew you'd be interested in our travels.

You're right, we sure are enjoying ourselves - having a great time. There is so much to see and we're meeting many nice people along the way.

I'll call you when we get back so we can catch up.

Love you LOTS!!!!!

Robert Ballarat said...

Following your travels - more or less where I went also. You look like you're having a great time.