Thursday, 8 March 2007

It's All Part of the Adventure..

That's what we keep telling ourselves anyway...

It all started while we were out with the boat. It was a beautiful day on the long weekend with lots of holiday makers at the water in boats and wave runners, people swimming and picnicing on the foreshore, and we had just come in from a few hours on the water and had brought our boat out onto the ramp. We put the boat up on the trailer and got in the car to pull it out of the water and head off. Mike turned the ignition key and well, nothing.

Hmmm.. tried a few more times. Still nothing. Mike thought it seemed like a fuel issue because it *almost* started, but would cut out just as the engine turned over. Mike opened the bonnet and had a look but couldn't find anything wrong. So, there we were broken down, on the boat ramp with the boat attached and still in the water and people bringing in boats and launching next to us. At least we were to one side and not blocking the whole ramp. What a mess! And, to add insult to injury, we had taken the car in for a routine service only three days prior!

Mike called the RAC who said someone would be there within the hour. It was more like two when they showed up and tried a couple of things (basically the same things Mike had already tried) to no avail. I admit, although annoying, we still thought it was a pretty comical situation we were in, but it soon turned much less comical when the RAC guy suggested that he'd arrange for a tow, and that it could be a couple more hours. Ugh!! We were in no mood to spend the rest of the day on the ramp, not to mention that since we're travelling the car is full of all manner of personal crap that we weren't keen on handing over with the car.

As a last ditch effort the RAC guy decided to try one more thing before giving up. He took a rubber mallet and banged on the fuel tank while Mike turned the ignition key. Viola! It started! They concluded that our fuel pump had bit the dust which we've been told is to be expected once you have over 200K kilometres on the clock. (Can you believe that we put over 150K kilometres on the car since we got it 3 years ago?!?). The RAC guy said that we'd have to take care of it asap, because although the rubber mallet trick will work a couple more times, after that we're up the proverbial creek. Apparently we (the male half of we anyway) knew that this was coming eventually, but was hoping that "eventually" was a bit further off.

Tuesday morning we decided we'd head toward Perth (which is where the nearest Land Rover dealer is anyway). Being only 80 kilometres away, we thought we'd be okay and could have the car looked at from there. We packed up, the car started fine, but cut out twice while we were backing it up to the camper. The camper was all hitched up and ready to go when we decided that it was probably foolish to get on the road and risk getting stuck, especially since we've been experiencing a heat wave here, and sitting on the side of the road waiting for RAC in 40 degree heat wasn't sounding like a good time to either of us. We set ourselves up again, and the park owner was nice enough to pick up some milk, coffee and dog food for us when she went to the shop.

Mike rang Land Rover in Perth and arranged for them to send the part to a local shop to be fitted. I won't bore you with the agonising details of getting the part into the mechanic's hands. But, I'd just like to say that surely it shouldn't take several phone calls by Mike prodding things along for what should be a routine transaction. The mechanic sent a tow truck yesterday afternoon and we should have the car back in a day or two.

In the meantime, we are still at the caravan park camped in the owners front yard! Since it's been hot as hell I could think of worse places to be stuck. We've been spending the days taking full advantage of the pool, and for the most part enjoying ourselves.

Hey ... it's all part of the adventure - right?

p.s. Mike is looking really fit lately, and it has taken at least ten years off him. He also got his hair cut the other day and his beard cut VERY short. He's looking scrumptious and will probably make me delete this bit if (when?) he sees it. :) I'm going to have to lift my game before the caravan park ladies start circling.. heh!

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