Saturday, 3 March 2007

No Room At The Inn

We've been in Dawesville the last few days which is a seaside town just south of Mandurah. The first day we got here it was very hot and we were starting to wonder if we had headed north too soon, especially after the heat of Busselton. Luckily there is a pool here so we were able to cool off and the following day the weather took a turn.

The past few days have been cool with occasional showers. Great sleeping weather, and we spent the days exploring Mandurah and getting a few things done to the boat. Mandurah is the fastest growing regional Australian city, and you can see evidence of that in the building that seems to be going on everywhere. Some of the homes here, especially those along the canals are absolutely stunning. Beautiful homes, each with backyards backing onto the canals that lead out into the estuary and rivers. Of course everyone has boats. A great lifestyle if you had a spare few million dollars lying around.

Before we left Augusta friends said they were having trouble finding somewhere to stay this weekend as it's a long weekend in WA. We weren't too worried, and figured we'd figure something out when the time came. Well, when we arrived at the caravan park in Dawesville they had a place for us up until Friday but were booked solid throughout the weekend. We were also told that we wouldn't have any luck anywhere and the whole area was sure to be booked out. A few inquiries that we made confirmed this.

Luckily the Caravan park owner saw our camper and offered to let us camp in a grassy area beside their house at the caravan park. So, Thursday night we packed up and shifted and are now camping on the owner's front lawn :). Well, technically it's a front lawn, but as it's in the park it doesn't really feel like it. We are a few metres further from the toilets, but close to the tennis courts and pool which will be great with the hot weather predicted over the next couple of days. We've got plenty of room to spread out here - far more than in an ordinary site, plus we are away from some of the ruckus of the long weekend holidaymakers. Mike and I think we ended up with the best spot in the park!

Today is Mike's birthday and so far we spent most of it out on the water with the boat. I've gone crab mad - it's so much fun to go crabbing, and Dawesville/Mandurah is known for their blue swimmer crabs. Next week is the crab festival, but we don't know if we'll still be here for that. We didn't have any luck this morning, but we have a spot in mind to try out either later today or tomorrow.

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