Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Perth Prattle

All is well with the car, and we have spent the last few days in Perth, the most isolated capitol city in the world. We are now closer to Jakarta than we are to Canberra.

We went to the Perth Caravan and Camping show, did a bit of touring around Perth City and Freemantle and spent some time in the Swan Valley (yet another wine region! - HIC!) We also caught up with some old friends of Mike's as well as some people that we met on our travels. The weather hasn't been nearly as bad as we feared and the cool breeze at night has made sleeping great.

Tomorrow we are planning on heading toward Wave Rock, and from there we will probably visit Kalgoorlie. I don't know what connectivity will be like for the next few days but we'll be in touch when we can.

This evening we took down our annex so we could have a quick and early departure in the morning. As we were pulling down the walls we noticed that we had a visitor...

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