Thursday, 15 March 2007

Waving goodbye to Wave Rock

So here we are at Wave Rock in Hyden, WA.

Wave Rock is one of those things that I've seen so many photos of. It's one of those iconic images, like the Sydney Opera House that becomes part of the identity of Australia. A bit like whenever you see photos of England you're sure to see pictures of Stonehenge, or of the Statue of Liberty when viewing photos of New York.

The difference is that the first time I visited the opera house I felt a rush of excitement when I first saw the "sails" of the roof, and I thought "wow, I'm actually here at the opera house!" Not quite the same feeling I had at Wave Rock. My thinking was more like .. "ok, it's a rock.. an unusually shaped one to be sure, but still, just a rock". The pictures and the lead up had somehow built it up in my mind to be a lot more than it is in reality. Add to that the fact that it's meters away from a caravan park and that there's a wall at the top of it in sections (they never show that in the photos!!) which was built in the 50's to capture water run-off, and it wasn't exactly what we had anticipated.

We're both glad that we took the time to visit, as we would have felt like we missed out being so close and not having a look. My advice to others travelling this way would be to have a look if your travels bring you within a reasonable distance of Hyden, but I wouldn't go too far out of my way for a visit.

Today we are off to Kalgoorlie.

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Audge said...

Hey the pic where it looks like you are surfing Shez! Glad you are still having fun. Sorry about all of the car trouble! Hope it all worked out.

Have fun in Kalgoorlie!

I miss you guys!