Friday, 18 June 2010

Onto Eden Valley

Another day's drive finds us at Eden Valley, which is as picturesque as it sounds. We are also hopefully another day closer to warmer weather and a spot we can spend more than a single night so we can do some exploring. We're still very much in travel mode, aiming for Coober Pedy and trying to put some miles behind us.

We were lucky to get the last available spot in a quiet corner and the caretaker was kind enough to lend us a VERY long power lead so we can have heat tonight. According to some friendly locals we were chatting with in the park we are in for an extremely cold night (oh joy). As I write this, Mike is outside settong up our satellite dish so we can have foxtel (pay tv) too. Real roughing it - I know.

The only stops made today were at a beer garden for breakfast (sounds strange, eh?), and to the Riverview Hotel, our favorite lunch spot in Tailem Bend where I had a glass of wine and the most delicious melt-in-your-mouth ale battered butterfish (no, Audrey, it doesn't taste anything like butter - just a beautiful mild white fish). We go there for the lovely surroundings though, not the food. The hotel is set on the Mighty Murray River (I love saying that - the MIGHTY Murray - heh). Anyway, there are lovely views and we always eat on the balcony overlooking the Murray and the ferry that shuttles cars across it.

We also go for the sake of tradition. We happened upon the place during our first trip to South Australia and we make sure we pop in every time we pass through for a meal and some photos. Below are a few of this trip's requisite happy snaps.

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Myf said...

The Riverview hotel is calling my name on our next trip to Adelaide - bring on October. Loving your blog - keep it up. Myf

Sheryl said...

Thanks, Myf. I'm glad you're along for the ride. You'll love the Riverview!