Sunday, 20 June 2010

Port Augusta

We left Eden Valley on Saturday morning stopping at Port Germain for a look at the pier (the longest wooden one in Australia) and a bite to eat.  Although we had already driven past the majority of the storm it was cold and we still had patchy rain on and off all day.

Upon arriving at Port Augusta we were thrilled to find much improved weather. It was cool (not cold) and for the first time in days the sun shone brightly. I can't tell you how nice it was to spend the afternoon chatting with other campers and sipping a glass or three of wine in the warm sun instead of being cooped up in the camper with the heater.

We decided to spend two nights here instead of one which gave us a chance to get some organising and housekeeping done (laundry, food shopping, etc), and also have a much needed break.  It was wonderful having a relaxing morning rather than rushing around packing up in the rain. Mike does look thrilled, doesn't he?

Port Augusta must be on the holiday track because we've started meeting fellow travelers and have really enjoyed chatting and comparing notes.  One group of guys that we met were walking (WALKING!!) 4500 kilometers from Perth, across the Nullarbor to Sydney to aid the disabled.  They are walking to highlight the issues of those with mobility problems and work to assist them by providing wheelchairs, transport, carer cars, etc.  They're a great group of guys.  If you'd like to help or find out more visit The Big Roll 2010.  Below Mike posed for a photo with one of the walkers and the dummy (a teddy bear) that they're pushing in a wheelchair for all those kilometers.

We also had time to do a bit of touring of Port Augusta. We visited the Wadlata Outback Centre where Mike and I almost got eaten by viscous outback creatures!

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Audrey said...

LOVE the pics. Such fun.

I can't really get perspective from the photos but is that satellite dish really bigger than the camper? : )

Sheryl said...

No, it's just that Mike and the camper have shrunk in the rain. :P