Friday, 16 July 2010

Darwin - Crocodylus Park

We reached Darwin on Wednesday and spent the rest of the day setting up the camper and screened annex, and swimming in the pools. The resort-style pools are gorgeous with their waterfalls and cool spas. I must remember to take a couple of photos to share with you.

I started the following day with a morning water aerobics class, and then we headed for a visit to Crocodylus Park and zoo.

It wasn't long before we came across the "stars" of the park, the saltwater crocs.  These big boys can reach 7 meters (23 feet) in length, and can jump their body length.  They are aggressive, and will stalk and attack humans if given the chance, unlike the freshwater crocs, or alligators who will only attack if provoked.

In true Australian fashion, Australia is home to the largest and most deadly crocs in the world.

Below is one of the breeding pens.  When asked why some pens held only one croc it was explained that there was the occasional male croc who killed his mate when she got between him and his food.  One in particular bit the female in half, and is now destined to live the rest of his days as a bachelor.

We went on a feeding tour and watched the crocs jump up to grab some meat dangled from the end of a pole.  They close their jaws around the meat with a loud snap.  Guess who's on the other end of the pole?

Yours truly!

They only ask for a couple of volunteers.  I figured we drove all this way, I may as well go for it!

Lot's of baby crocs.  Don't they look cuddly?

I didn't think so either.  But they were.

Kind of..

After all of that action anyone hungry?

Mike figures that the best strategy is to eat them before they eat you!  Here he is enjoying a croc burger.  I even worked up the courage to have a taste of his.  It was surprisingly good.  Yes, it did taste like chicken, but softer and moister.

There were other animals at the park as well.  Below are a few of  our favourites.


This was a fantastic park, and a great experience.  We both loved it!

After the park we went for a look around Darwin and found a few spots we plan on spending some more time in as the next week or two progresses.

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Audrey said...

I LOVE these shots. My sister, Crocodile Blondee!