Thursday, 1 July 2010

It Comes With The Territory

There's only one place in Australia where you can buy fireworks legally, and on only one day.  That day is today, here in the Northern Territory in celebration of Territory Day.  As I write this, there's a bonfire and a fireworks display being put on by the park owners.  In the spirit of sharing Territory day with you we took a few photos of the fireworks, none of which came out very well, before the cold got the best of us and we headed for the warmth of the camper.

Speaking of the weather, yesterday's drizzle turned into pouring rain overnight and a cold rainy day today.  We were amused, though not surprised, to hear on the news that it's warmer in Melbourne than here in Alice Springs today!  At a mere 9 degrees, we just missed the record low temperature of 7.8 degrees set in 1948.

Needless to say, we are not impressed, and we're looking forward to thawing and drying out tomorrow afternoon when sunnier skies are forecast.  The locals, however, couldn't be happier, and have been joking on the radio about plans to open a marina and perhaps a yacht club as well.

We spent the day concentrating on indoor activities.  We visited the Museum of Central Australia, The June Marriot Gallery, and did a bit of shopping.  The photos below are of the Yeperenye Sculpture depicting a caterpillar significant to local Aborigines.  As we walked through it Aboriginal music played.

With all this cold and rain we've decided on a change in travel plans. We were going to head to Uluru and then across to WA (on approximately 1000 kilometers of dirt road) before making our way up to the tropics of the North Coast.  In an effort to get to a warmer climate sooner, and to avoid their high humidity season later on, we're going to head on through to Darwin from here and travel anti clockwise around the coast of Western Australia, saving Uluru for when we loop back later.

This will give us nicer weather in both areas, and avoid a long ride through muddy tracks.  The only downside to this is that we may miss the whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef.  Since there was no guarantee that they'd be there when we passed through anyway, this seems like a sensible move (says she who is huddled by the heater listening to rain pelt the canvas).

Leave it to us to somehow manage to be in Alice Springs during such freakishly cold and wet weather.  It comes with the Territory...

Happy Territory Day everyone!!


Audrey said...

Why am I thrilled that you will be missing the whale sharks? ; ) I wasn't happy with my sister being whale food.

The photos aren't loading for me for this entry.

Sheryl said...

Do you think I might taste like plankton? :)

Thanks for the heads-up on the photos. They should be fixed now.