Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Litchfield National Park

Litchfield National Park is just a short drive from Darwin and easily accessible via bitumen roads. It's a small park (when compared to Kakadu NP), with attractions that are closer together, making Litchfield perfect for a day trip.

Of course you could easily spend days going on walks, swimming in the plunge pools, barbecuing and camping in the park.  This past Monday we set out to see some of what Litchfield NP has to offer.

A HUGE termite mound!  This is an example of a "cathedral termite mound" which can be up to six meters tall!

Florence Falls

The base of the falls.  What a beautiful spot for a swim!

Tolmer Falls - Swimming is not allowed here.  It's been closed to the public to protect the colonies of rare ghost bats and horseshoe bats that live in the caves.

Wangi Falls are the most popular falls in the park, and for good reason.  It's a beautiful spot with barbeques, picnic facilities, a restroom, a kiosk, and the only campground in Litchfield National Park that allows caravans.  There's a boardwark to a viewing platform, and a walk to the top of the falls.  Plus, there's a huge clear plunge pool at the bottom of the falls.

The plunge pool closes at certain times of the year (after rains make the water levels dangerous due to an increased risk of  saltwater crocs),  and unfortunately it was closed to swimming for our visit.

As we were returning to the car we noticed hundereds of bats up in the trees.  Can you spot them?

And now come's the part of the day that we've filed under "it's all part of the adventure".  We decided to take the shorter route home, via a dirt track.  It wasn't a difficult track, and could easily be driven by a two wheel drive vehicle.  The last thing we expected was to run into trouble.

We were driving along when out of nowhere we heard a helicopter.  That is, we wish we had heard a helicopter!  What we were actually hearing was our left rear flat tire flapping.  Ugh!

We had to clear out heaps of crap from the car to get to the tool kit that was "conveniently" located under the back seat.  Poor Mike had to crawl around in the dust to change the tyre.  I'm sure he appreciated me snapping photos while he fumbled around under the car.  Some shortcut!

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