Friday, 23 July 2010

Mandorah Cruise

We had a lovely day trip visiting Mandorah, just a short ride on the sea-cat ferry across the harbour from Cullen Bay, another nice spot that we'll have to revisit before we move on.

Mandorah is a small NT settlement on the West side of the harbour with stunning views of Darwin, pristine beaches, and a beachside resort and pub. We enjoyed an afternoon of barra, wine and awesome views. Although we didn't bring our rods, the fishing is said to be spectacular too. Not surprising, as we could easily them swimming through the clear blue water.

Leaving Cullen Bay

Ahoy Matey!

Arriving at Mandorah

Mike wasn't keen on climbing the tree to get that coconut for me. :)

On the pier to catch the ferry back to Darwin, with a view of the city in the distance.

Here comes the ferry!

Enjoying the sea breeze.

An Australian Customs vessel heading out as we approach Cullen Bay

Back at Cullen Bay.  How nice it must be to have a house with a boat at your doorstep.

Boats moored at Cullen Bay Marina

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