Friday, 16 July 2010


It's hard to believe a week has passed since I last updated!  As predicted we spent the next few days enjoying the thermal pool.  We also met some very nice people and had some memorable nights with them, and at the pub enjoying the entertainment.

We went to the sunday market where I got a cheapie wristwatch, and we bought some dried mango to munch on.  Yummm.

A local park had a barramundi feeding that we went to, after which we had the most delicious wild local barramundi lunch in their outdoor cafe.  Sounds a bit wrong, huh? But oh so delicious, and far better than the farmed barrmundi we usually see in Victoria.  Below is one of the barramundi that we saw getting fed.

The Roper River was a short drive from our campsite so we went to have a look.  As it's a home for freshwater crocodiles and the occasional saltie, our visit was brief.  Supposedly excellent fishing, but we never really got around to it

We also had a look around the town, though there really wasn't much of it.  A post office, a small (expensive) supermarket, petrol station, and a couple of other buildings.  They did have one attraction that they boasted about though, the world's largest man-made termite mound.  I kid you not.  Not only that, it's a "talking" termite mound!  Although we passed it several times going to the shops I can't really tell you what a termite mound who talks would sound like as we decided it wasn't on our "must do" list.

Besides, who needs a man-made termite mound when the place is absolutely covered in natural ones?  This photo was taken in Mataranka, but we saw them on the sides of the road in the thousands all the way from Tennant Creek to Mataranka and beyond.  After this pic was taken we saw some hideously huge ones, but I thought I'd spare you the image.

One interesting thing, they are called "magnetic" termite mounds because the thin pointed side always faces North/South to minimize the amount of heat on them during the day.  Nature's compass - blech.

As we had coffee on our last Mataranka morning, we had a visit from this friendly wallaby. 

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