Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Splish Splash Squelch. Heading To Tennant Creek

The Devil's Marbles, or Katu Katu as they are known in all four local Aboriginal languages, are located about 100 kilometers south of Tennant Creek.

They are known as the "Devil's Marbles" because of the way that these huge granite boulders are precariously perched, seeming to defy gravity.

We had planned to stop somewhere south of Tennant Creek, but since it rained all day we decided it was as good a day as any to spend in the car and pushed on a bit further.

There is bush camping in the area, but due to the wet weather the tracks are muddy and we headed for a caravan park that was rated highly in one of our guides (and had a "bush show" in the evenings that I wanted to see - yeah, I'm a dork).

Apparently lots of others had the same idea. The bush campers were coming into the towns seeking refuge from the muddy conditions and filling up the caravan parks and motels.  As I waited in the car for Mike to return from the reception office, I watched the couple with the caravan ahead of us make a u-turn out of the park.  Uh oh.  Not a good sign.  Sure enough, Mike returned with the news that there was no room for us.

We headed over to the only other park in town.  Sure enough when we got there the couple from the last park were pulled in in front of us.  The owner indicated an area that should have some available spots.  We set off, and passed the other couple who had looped around to the right.  Mike went left and we found a spot.  Mike had a chat with them after we had set up.  They were miserable because their mattress and bedding had gotten soaked in the deluge.  They were sharing a spot with another camper.   It turns out that we had snagged the last spot! 

And what a spot it is!  We may need to swim to get to the amenities block!

Other travelers we met couldn't find a hotel/motel room anywhere and ended up parking in a tent site and sleeping in their car.  I entertained the thought of asking if they wanted to sleep in our under-bed annex, but with the mud it wouldn't have been any better than their car.

I was grateful that we took the time to pack up with extra care, and our camper is a warm, dry refuge in what is feeling like a very soggy world.  In some ways we are lucky to have seen this area under such unusual wet conditions.

As I write this, the next morning they are playing "Rain" by Dragon on the radio.  "Oh is it any wonder the streets are dark,  Is it any wonder we fall apart?  Day after day strange rain falls down.  All over town, Rain Comin'." 

We are at the north edge of the storm front and are expecting a sunny day tomorrow.  I'm sure by next week everyone will be complaining about the heat!


Missymaomao said...

Hi! Mum just gave me the blog address so I'm sitting down and having a good read. Starting to wish we were up there as well as we have had a few -2 c nights and without sunny days, just Ballarat wind. lol
I look forward to reading more about your adventures.
cheers Marilyn, Allen dog and cats xx

Sheryl said...

Hi! Happy to have you along! We're having a great time, but have had some cold rainy days that I would have preferred to be in Ballarat!

Thankfully things are looking up now.
You could always fly up for a quick holiday.. :)

Missymaomao said...

Now that's an idea lol