Monday, 19 July 2010

Strange Shops and Jumping Crocs!

After spending the day at Crocodylus Park on Thursday we decided to head for more urban pursuits on Friday, spending most of the day in Darwin.  Since it was my turn to choose the day's activity we went shopping (surprise surprise).   We had already been to the Mindil Beach Market the prior evening, which was fun but also hot and humid.  We decided that air conditioning was a must, and headed over to Casuarina Square, the largest shopping center in the Northern Territory.

Due to the heat, we were after some warm-weather clothing, and we both could use a couple of extra pairs of shorts.  Being in the Northen Territory we fully expected there to be racks of shorts, thongs, bathers, t-shirts, singlets, etc.  Oh how wrong we were. 

We were shocked to find that they were selling sweaters, heavy jeans, jackets, and various other cold weather garments that made me sweat just looking at them.  What were they thinking?  I understand that people get acclimatised, but are they really wearing woollen jumpers in 33 degree temps?  In some of the chain stores I saw some of the exact same clothes being sold for a Territory winter as they're selling in Geelong!

Being the pro shopper that I am, I of course managed to find a few things.  Poor Mike only found one pair of shorts, but was happy to get them.  The shopping center was indeed big and impressive, but the experience as a whole was .. well, a funny kind of weird.

When we got "home" that evening Mike rang the "Original Jumping Crocodile Cruise" to book us in for a cruise on the "Adelaide Queen" the following day.  He was warned that it was "a little cool" down there today but should be warm for our cruise.  Do these people not own thermometers?

Since we're crocodile pros after our trip to Crocodylus Park the other day (My sister has been calling me Crocodile Blondee!!), we were looking forward to seeing crocs in their natural habitat.  The cruise lasted for about an hour and a half, and in that short time we were able to see plenty of good reasons not to swim in the river.  The cruise guide suggested following the "tile rule" to determine the safe places to swim in the NT.  If it's tiled, it's safe (swimming pool, bathtub, ...).

Crocodile Blondee strikes again!

A lovely cruise down the Adelaide River.  Who knew what dangers lurked beneath these picturesque waterways?

Cue Jaws music...

Crocs really love their chops!

Hey there good looking...

How about a kiss?

Keeping the "tile rule" in mind, we headed back to the park for a swim.  Aren't the pools lovely?

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Audrey said...

Hey Crocodile Blondee, I LOVE the way you wrangled that croc. You sure got him subdued. : )

The shots you took of the crocs are amazing.