Thursday, 1 July 2010

West McDonnell Range Gorges 2

I was determined to get to that little island in the distance.

Luckily a couple that I'd met earlier in the day were there to hold my hand (literally) as I walked across a log.  A quick hop and I was there.

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Jackie and Bert said...

Hi Guys

Great trip keep it up loving all the photos hopefully we will travel far and wide instead of up and down the east coast. We have visited lots of unusual places on our trips also there is sooooo much to see.
Take care and we will be following your blog.
Luv Jackie & Bert

Sheryl said...

Hi Jackie and Bert! It's been a great trip so far, in spite of a few bad weather days.

We're flexible with our travel plans, and staying in places for as long as they interest us whilst trying not to spend too many hours driving in any one day. The best way to travel, I think.

There really is so much to see. So glad you're reading and enjoying :)