Thursday, 1 July 2010

West McDonnell Range Gorges 3

Our next stop was at the Ochre Pit. This pit has been used by Aborigines in the region for thousands of years.  Only Aboriginal men know the full dreamtime stories of the pit.  The ochre is mixed with fat (i.e. emu fat), and used as body and face paint.  Green and yellow colours are used primarily for decoration/cosmetic purposes and red is used for more religious and ceremonial purposes.  Ochre is also used as a coloring agent in Aboriginal art, and has medicinal benefits.

The gorge below is Ellery Creek Big Hole, and wow it was big on beauty.  We gasped as we rounded the bend and the gorge came into view.    It really was awesome.  This would be a lovely place to go for a swim!

Mike said that the parting of the mountains looked almost like an entry to the lost world.

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