Friday, 20 August 2010


Broome is overrated. At least that's what we heard by a few people before we got here. I am SO glad that we decided to spend some time here and find out for ourselves. We are both loving Broome!

Of course we had to start out with a day at Cable Beach. The white sand and clear turquoise water are stunningly beautiful, and there was much fun had both relaxing on the beach and jumping over the waves.

Last night we went to Matso's Brewery and had a fabulous time. The food was great and while Mike sampled several of their award winning dark lagers I sipped "Squealing Pig" chardonnay. We sat on the balcony overlooking the courtyard where a jazz trio was playing. It was a wonderful night. In fact, it was during the course of the night that we decided we hadn't allocated enough time to Broome and that we'd extend our visit here for a few days.

Today we did some shopping in the Chinatown area and got a few chores accomplished. My New York driver's license is about to expire and my Mom had sent the forms to Mike's parents who then forwarded them to the Broome Post Office for us. I had my eye exam done and Mike bought a multimeter thingamabob so he can tell how charged the camper is when we're bush camping or on a non-powered site.

Apparently people book both the resorts and caravan parks here months in advance. Probably a smart thing to do during the height of tourist season, but as we like to be spontaneous in our travel we never know exactly when we're going to be where. We were very lucky to ring the day before we arrived and book a non powered site 350 meters from cable beach. We could walk to the beach if we weren't carrying a sun shelter, lunch, towels, books, etc.. but I digress.

Tonight we went on a sunset camel ride on cable beach. Touristy? Perhaps. Loads of fun and memories that will last a lifetime? Absolutely!

The group before us finishing their ride.

That's our camel "Cairo" on the left.

A face only a mother could love.

Whoa Nelly!  ..err Cairo!

Walk like an Egyptian..

We had SO much fun!

Look at us!  We're on a camel! On Cable Beach!  In the middle of winter! At sunset!  Cheesy Grin. :)

A severe case of camel toe.


Myf said...

I am so horribly horribly jealous. I've had Broome on my must see list for years. Now it is even more a must see.

Oh, and the camel toe - loves it!

Sheryl said...

You really must go. We had SUCH a great time there - despite the camel toe. ;)