Saturday, 7 August 2010

Katherine Round-Up

It hardly seems possible that we've already spent four nights in Katherine and are leaving tomorrow morning. We're heading West to a destination yet unknown. The plan is to get on the road and stop for a night or two when the mood strikes. Since I don't know where we'll be, I have no clue what internet access will be like but, as always, will update when I can.

Over the last couple of days we visited the Katherine Museum where we learned that Katherine was named in 1862 by explorer John Stuart after Catherine Chambers, the daughter of one of his sponsors.  Although he misspelled her name, it was never corrected and the town has been known as Katherine ever since.

While at the museum we saw the first Flying Doctor plane.

We also went to the Katherine Hot Springs.

We had a look around town where we saw the good

and the not so good.

Today we visited an ancient limestone cave called Cutta Cutta Cave.  It's called Cutta Cutta because in the local Aboriginal language Cutta means stars and cutta cutta means many stars.  The rock formations in the cave glisten and look like thousands of stars.  Unfortunately the effect was nearly impossible to photograph.

A snake was hiding in a little nook in the cave wall.


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