Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Karijini National Park

After a brief stay at Tom Price we headed off to Karijini National Park.

At 600.000 hectares (1,482,632 acres - about one third larger in area than Long Island), Karijini is one of the world's largest national parks.  Millions of years of erosion have created gorges, waterfalls and rock pools that are stunning against the red rock of the Pilbara.

The day we arrived we set up our campsite and had a look at some of the gorges from above.

Circular Pool - It's a long way down!

That night the stars were magnificent!

The following morning we started with the steep 800 meter trek down to Fortescue Falls.  I was a bit worried about walking back up but actually found the walk up easier than the descent.

Fortescue Falls - worth the trip!

Mike at the top of Fortescue Falls

We followed the path for another 300 or so meters to Fern Pool

Fern Pool - so inviting

Best massage ever!

Later that day we ventured to another part of the park to see some more gorges and lookouts. 

Oxer lookout where four gorges converge.  A spectacular view which, as usual, the photos don't do justice to.

Joffre Gorge Waterfall

Mount Bruce (yes, really)

View of the Marandoo Mine Site from the Mount Bruce walk.

Mount Bruce views

On our way back to Tom Price
We spent two nights at the Dales Campground in Karijini NP, and as I write this we are back in Tom Price for the night, mostly to catch up on the blog, emails and phone messages, and to have showers. 

Tomorrow we'll get some fuel and make our way toward Exmouth, our next major stop.  There will probably be a couple of stopovers between here and there where we are unlikely to have phone or internet accesss.

See you in Exmouth!

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