Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Tom Price via Warlu Way

Still making our way to Karijini National Park, we left Point Samson with a plan to make a supplies stop at the mining town of Tom Price, approximately 50k from Karijini NP.  We decided to take the scenic Warlu Way, which would bring us over a combination of bitumen and dirt roads.

As we drove the landscape quickly changed from beach to red earth and rugged mountain.  The colours were simply amazing and we oohed and aahed our way through the first hour or so of the drive.

A very long iron ore train
The road became dirt, and still we were marveling at the views and I was busy snapping photos through the windscreen - not an easy task over corrugated roads (not to mention that damn CB antenna!).

Ooh Aah! :)
We drove, and drove, and then drove a bit more.  Soon the Warlu Way started to feel more like the Worry Way!  Perhaps we missed a turn somewhere?  There were a few dirt tracks coming off of the one we were on, none of which seemed right at the time.  In any case, we came to the realization that we were lost, had no phone service, and a finite amount of fuel.

Not one to miss a photo opportunity, I continued to snap away as we drove in the direction that felt right.  In the end we ended up doing a few extra kilometers (okay, 100) but we got to drive through some gorgeous country.  I'd highly recommend the route to you if only I knew what it was.

At last we arrived at Tom Price. A bit dusty, but none the worse for wear.

Mike clearly looking forward to cleaning off the red dust.

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