Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Geraldton to Mount Magnet

 On Sunday morning we left Kalbarri for Geraldton with a stop at Port Gregory to see the pink lake.

The pink colour is caused by beta carotene
(the same stuff that makes carrots orange).

 We spent three nights (2 days) in Geraldton which turned out to be more of a housekeeping stop than a sightseeing one.

Upon arrival we set up the camper and headed into town for lunch, a look around and a stop in at the visitor's centre. 

The next morning Mike took the car in for a service that he had booked in.  The service took all day due to having to replace a leaking water pump, which left us without transport.  The day was spent catching up on emails, doing laundry and pretty much  bumming around.   Once we got the car back we went into town for dinner and called it a night.

The following day we were eager to see a bit of Geraldton.  In particular, the war memorial  in town and the winery in the Chapman Valley.  We drove to the winery only to find that it was closed on Tuesdays - a situation  even sadder than a pub with no beer.

The war memorial honored the fallen men of the HMAS Sydney.  The memorial features a silver dome comprised of 645 seagulls representing each of the fallen sailors.

The names of the lost men are inscribed on two walls of Western Australian Granite.

Views over Geraldton from the war memorial
We left Geraldton this morning for the 340km drive to Mount Magnet for a quick overnight stop.  On the way we saw more wildflowers.

We also stopped for diesel (at an unattended pump) at Yalgoo, a tiny historic outback town, that we couldn't figure out how to work at first.  How sad would it be to be stuck just outside a small town in the middle of nowhere with no diesel - right next to the pump! 

I was famished so we drove into the town center in search of lunch.  The only thing we could find was the pub which held an interesting bunch of characters.  All friendly, some who clearly had nothing more pressing to do on a hot wednesday afternoon than spend the day drinking in the pub.

Speaking of characters, the rest of the day was spent setting up the camper here in Mount Magnet, chatting with a man who ran over to talk to us because he remembered our "weird camper" from Denham.  (We still don't remember him!), and having a long conversation with an older Scottish gentleman who is camping on his own on a prospecting adventure.  Talk about characters!  He had some funny stories to share about his experience prospecting.

As I write this we're in the (only) caravan park in Mount Magnet listening to the road trains rattle by as they zoom past on the main road about 10 meters away.  We are hoping they take a break as the evening wears on so we can all get some sleep (damn - there goes another one!)

When we arrived at the park we were given a pamphlet with things to do in the area.  I think we'll just be continuing on toward Leonora, stopping for the night when the mood strikes.

We have a decision to make in Leonora.  I'll tell you a more about it when I next post.

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