Friday, 22 October 2010

I tried...

It took us three days to cross the Great Central Road, and what an adventure it was!  We arrived at Yulara and spent two days exploring Uluru and the Olgas, both of which are magnificent.

Last night I attempted to post an update from Yulara but there were so many photos to organise that it just got to a point that I was too exhausted to continue.

This afternoon we arrived at Kings Canyon where I planned to finish my update only to find that there is no phone or internet connection here!  We bought an hour of wifi access through the "resort" to at least get some of our updates posted but soon discovered that the connection is so incredibly slow that anything more than text just seems to hang forever.  We will have to wait until we get back into an area with proper internet access.

Tomorrow morning we plan on visiting Kings Canyon bright and early before the heat of the day.  From here we are heading south and homeward bound.  We have no idea where we'll be stopping at this point, or when we'll have a workable internet connection again but will update you when we do.  I really did try.

When you see the photos of Uluru I'm sure you'll agree that they were worth the wait!

p.s.   The pitiful internet connection conked out before we got a chance to post this and we are now sitting in reception pumping coins into a computer to get this out!!!  Ugh!!

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