Thursday, 4 November 2010

Farewell Mildura, We're Melbourne Bound

The park threw a party for Melbourne Cup, and we decided to go along.  Since I'm about 20 years younger than the majority of the party attendees I was a bit hesitant.  I needn't have been concerned though, as we soon met up with a fun group and spent the afternoon talking, laughing and indulging in some good red that we had bought at the winery earlier in the week.

Two of the couples had motorhomes that they live in full-time.  One had been on the road for the past 11 years, and the other for 13.  Neither had any regrets, other than wishing they had started earlier, and it was interesting talking to them about life on the road.

We were invited back to one couple's site that evening where we all enjoyed their fire and Mike provided some musical entertainment. 

Weary from the day, and feeling a bit worse for wear, we returned to our camper to be greeted by our hungry possum friends.  This time there were five of them and they came right up to us at the camper swirling around our legs.  One of them even mistook my toe for a bit of bread and gave me a nip!

All was forgiven in the end
In spite of feeling quite seedy the next morning we managed to make a trip to Wirraway, a local motorhome manufacturer.  They had come up in conversation the night before and we thought we'd have a look while we were in the area.  We hadn't rang in advance, but were hoping to have a chance to have a peek into one just to see what they were like.

We were pleasantly surprised when they gave us a tour of the facility and several motorhomes that were being built as well as some completed units.  We were impressed that they spent so much time with us, and we were given literature to mull over once we get home.

This afternoon we arrived in Wedderburn, a small Victorian goldrush town.  Upon arrival we met a lovely couple who are here gold prospecting, and spent the afternoon chatting with them.  They even showed us some of the gold they had found in the area.

Our holiday is drawing to a close, and we'll be home in just a few days!  It's nice though that we're not going straight home, and instead plan to spend some time with loved ones along the way.

Tomorrow we are off  to spend a couple of nights at Matt and Jill's house in Woodend.  We're excited about seeing them, especially little Tiana, whose birth at the end of May dictated our holiday departure date.  She's over five months old now, and would have changed so much since we saw her as a newborn!

From there we are off to Laura and Phil's place in Melbourne.  It seems like forever since we've seen them, and we can't wait to catch up.  We also have lots of lost cuddle time to make up for with Lyla (4) and Amelie who turned one year old in September, while we were away. 

I don't know if I'll have a chance to update during our visits.  I will if I can, but otherwise will check in again once we have settled in at home.

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