Monday, 1 November 2010


We've had a few patches of sun today, but it's basically been the kind of weather that only ducks would enjoy.

An advantage of the lousy weather is that we're not out exploring as much so I have more time to keep up with the blog.  Of course the down side is that since we're not out exploring there's not a whole lot to update!

It took all my might to pry myself away from our camper this morning with it's cheapie Aldi heater which has been a lifesaver these past couple of days.  We thought about going to "Orange World" but the thought of  touring fruit orchards in the cold and rain didn't appeal, even with the lure of the giant orange. :) 

There are a few wineries around, but after yesterday's extended visit that was a no-go too.  We wound up doing lots of nothing and going to the movies to see "The Social Network" which we both enjoyed.

Last night was entertaining.  The rain had finally taken a pause so we ventured outside where we spotted a possum high up in a tree.  I made silly sounds and did whatever else I could think of to try and coax it closer, but no luck.  Then along came Dr. Dolittle, and as you can see below he proved once again to be true to his name.

Once the adult was comfortable with Mike a baby came closer too, and we fed them some bread.  We played with them for about an hour, and eventually another adult possum joined in and got a feed as well.

By this time it was after 11pm and we were about to head off to bed when some neighboring campers came out and joined in as well.  They wanted to know how we got them to come so close to us, and guessed that it must have taken us a very long time.  They obviously don't realize the powers of Dr. D.  I didn't share with them the fact that Mike had one of them crawling up his arm. 

Pretty amazing to see them hanging onto a branch by their tails!

The park actually encourages feeding of the local animals and if they're back tonight, I'll be ready with the bread, or perhaps a veggie or two.  They were sure quick to train me, but how can you resist that face?

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