Thursday, 18 November 2010


We've been home for about a week and I suppose the time has come to start filling you in on the last few days of our trip and the subsequent transition back to reality.

From Wedderburn we made our way to Woodend stopping for lunch and a look around Kyneton.  We were both surprised at how green Victoria was looking, and it felt odd to come across towns so close together after travelling through remote areas for so long.  It was also strange (in a nice way) having almost continual phone and internet access on my iPhone.

We chatted with a few people in Kyneton who noticed our camper (and our tans) and asked what we'd been up to. Their universal reaction was a lot of interest followed by a sigh and a wistful "Someday.. I'd like to travel around and see a bit of Australia too".

Having arrived at  Matt and Jill's earlier than anticipated we used the time before Jill was due home to set up our camper and make ourselves comfy.   Just as we finished and were relaxing with a cup of coffee, we spotted Jill making her way up the driveway with Tiana.

Even though we were expecting a big change in Tiana over the past five months, we were still amazed at how much she'd grown!

We had a wonderful afternoon and evening catching up followed by a bittersweet last night spent in our camper.

The following afternoon we emptied out the camper, and Matt suggested that we give it a clean at his house where there is plenty of space.   It was a great idea that saved us a lot of time when we got home.  If you're familiar with our house, you know that we're set on a hill with very limited level area to open up the camper.  

Goodbye red dust!  Matt even hopped up on top and gave the roof a good scrub.

It was while we were cleaning the camper that we finally saw our first (and only) locust.  It was sitting atop our camper canvas looking quite comfortable.  So much for the plague we were expecting!

That night we spent the first night sleeping indoors since we left home, and after a delicious breakfast and a lovely morning it was time to head off to West Footscray.

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